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 STRODA can deliver workshops that aim to educate performers on their moving body to help develop a better understanding of anatomy, alignment, and muscularity. Our workshops help to introduce evidence-based strength and conditioning techniques to aid more efficient movement, build stronger muscles, and reduce risk of injury and develop an understanding of how to utilise cross training and strength and conditioning effectively and efficiently to support your movement.

Our workshops are available to every level of dancer, from younger dancers in training all the way through to professionals, teachers and choreographers. 

Ballet Dancer
Workshops built around you

We at STRODA want to provide a customised experience to your workshops, so that we can design the content specifically to your requirements, whether you are a group or company, a school or an organization.


Our workshops are created to educate and introduce specific strength and conditioning training techniques to physical performers whether you train or perform in dance, musical theatre or actor’s movement.

Workshop topics (not limited to):
Modern Dancer
The Performer's Body

This workshop will educate performers, teachers or choreographers on the performing body including anatomy, alignment, and musculature so they can have a better understanding as to how we move and what is happening in our body when we move.

Performance Enhancement

This workshop focuses on cross training strength and conditioning techniques to aid more efficient muscular development in dance for better performance. Using both theory and practical elements our workshops can help you explore the most effective evidence-based methods for warming up, introduce supplemental training and movement specific strengthening. Everything a performer needs to reach their full potential.

Modern Dancers
Injury prevention (Prehab strengthening)

This workshop looks at what is known as “prehab”, the best way to deal with injuries is to prevent them. In this workshop we will look at common injuries that occur in different dance and movement styles and what can be done to prevent them using strength and conditioning while also discussing other common factors such as sleep and nutrition. We will also look at different ways of identifying imbalances and misalignment's in the body that could potentially cause injury and what can be done about them

*This does not include a “one size fits all” guide to never being injured- it doesn’t exist*

Dance fitness and cardiovascular training

This workshop talks about the cardiovascular systems and how they relate to our movement, what is meant by “stamina” and how this can be improved upon by utilising specific training and recovery. We can also go through the Dance Aerobic Fitness Test to get a better understanding of current fitness levels* optional

Dance Class
Dance class programming

This workshop is aimed for teachers wanting to get the best out of their students. This workshop goes through aspects of safety in dance training and evidence-based approaches to programming dance classes throughout a time period to see the best and most efficient improvements in your dancer’s technique.

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